The heat from your hands molds the beeswax wraps around your food or storage utensils.



Wash your wraps in cold water when needed using natural (alcohol free) soap. Give them a light scrubbing if needed. Hang or lay flat to air dry.”



Use your wraps over and over for up to a year or more (with proper care). When you feel that they need a little lift, they can be refreshed several times.

All you need to know

What are beeswax wraps?

They are products that are designed to be used every day, by every day people doing everyday things. A simple, convenient product designed to reduce waste by replacing single use plastic.

What are they made of?

Our beeswax wraps are made using 100% cotton fabric infused with Vancouver Island premium beeswax, organic jojoba oil and natural pine tree resin. They have no added scents but do smell amazing!

What are they good for?

What aren't they good for!? Our beeswax wraps have the perfect 'tackiness' to tackle just about any application. Wrap up your leftover fruits and vegetables, cover bowls, pots, and glasses, wrap your cheese or create bags for seeds or crackers. If you can use plastic wrap you can almost always use our beeswax wraps.

Thinking outside the hive, beeswax wraps make great travel companions, use them to keep your leftovers from restaurants, as a placemat for dirty public benches or as a lid on your can to keep those pesky bugs out.

They also make great toothbrush covers, soap wrappers and you could even wrap up a wet swimsuit if you have to.

What aren't they good for?

While beeswax wraps are great for many things, they are not great for a few. Avoid heat sources like microwaves and ovens and avoid covering hot foods. The ingredients used in our wraps have amazing properties to keep food fresh but it is best to avoid your wraps coming in contact with RAW meat.

How do I care for my wraps?

The key to protecting the amazing qualities of your wraps is proper care. It is simple if it's visibly soiled, use cold water and mild (alcohol-free) soap to give it a wash. If you can wipe the crumbs and carry on for another day, that's a great way to extend their life. Wash your wraps with a soft cloth or just your hands.


What happens if I used hot water...or “oops I accidentally threw my wraps in the washing machine”.

While it is highly likely that hot water or a washing machine has done some serious damage to your wraps, they are not doomed. Simply request a free (less shipping) refresh kit and we will send you instruction on how to get your wraps like new again.

Alternatively, you can cut into strips and compost them.

Can I use beeswax wraps in the freezer?

Our beeswax wraps can do short stints in the freezer if needed. Perfect to portion muffins or cookies for the week, they will do the job. We suggest serving time of less than 30 days

What do I do with my wraps when they are old and tired looking?

You can easily REFRESH your wraps.

Your wraps may have uneven wear, or excessively cracked or flakey which is easily fixed. Set your oven to it's lowest temperature (under 190F). Line a pan with parchment paper (or tinfoil if you have to). Place your clean dry wraps in the oven (feel free to stack them up). Wait until they are melted through and remove. While still warm carefully pick them up and let them air cool a few seconds before setting down. Your wraps are now fresh and ready to use.

This method redistributes the beeswax, resin and jojoba oil and can easily be done up to 4 or 5 times in the life of your wrap.
If your wraps are beyond repair with this method, you can decide to compost, repurposed as fire starter.

How do I know what size to use?

Our sizes are based on the most economical use of materials as well as practicality.

Small 7”x7” (add cm) The small wrap is perfect for lunches and snacks. Easily wrap half an apple, the end of a cucumber, a pickle, cheese or a couple of cookies.

Medium 10”x10” The medium wrap is the every day size for most bowls, small plates and containers for leftoevers. It is a good size for making snack pouches too.

Large 14x14” The sandwich wrap as it is mostly referred to is our large wrap. It can be used as a pouch or just wrapped around fairly large sandwiches. It will fit large salad bowls and dinner plates.

Extra large 18x19” A generously sized wrap this size is meant for the summer and the baker. Designed to fit over large 9x13 glass bakewear the XL wrap is a must have for bakers.

If you have lots of produce this wrap is large enough to wrap a head of romaine, a large watermelon or it can cover a loaf of bread.