Kara Johnston, Owner-creator

Like many, I hold multiple titles and roles! Mom, camp-wife, daughter, sister, aunt, nurse, creator and professional kid-wrangler. I cannot forget cook, server, cleaner, animal caregiver, handyman, friend and entrepreneur!

Coastal Hive started in 2019 when Cheryl and Everycoast Handmade and I decided we were ready to go on our own solo adventures. It was time for our successful partnership to change. I wanted to do something a different, I wanted a way to create products that made my life and others’ easier. I wanted to create things that served double duty, that were affordable, easy, fun and versatile. So here I am, continuously trying to find ways to connect to my community, my customers and make saving our environment from single use plastic just a little bit easier.


Coastal Hive was created in order to share an easy way for all people to make small changes every single day. We designed our products to be multi-purpose, to be durable and affordable as well as fun.  We want our products to do what we say they do and more. Our vision is that our products become a staple in your home, your life and your way of living .

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