Our Vision

Coastal Hive was created in order to share an easy way for all people to make small changes every single day. We designed our products to be multi-purpose, to be durable and affordable as well as fun.  We want our products to do what we say they do and more. Our vision is that our products become a staple in your home, your life and your way of living .


has always been in independent and creative visionary. Her love of art includes painting, drawing, drafting patterns and creating new products.

She created It’s Sew Kara after her first daughter was born in 2012. She drafted patterns for clothing including signature baby bonnets. A partnership was formed with Cheryl M. and ISK was rebranded as Evercoast Handmade.

Evercoast has become well known for their reusable snack and sandwich bags but it became apparent Kara needed to have a way to express her new passion for community, sustainability and beeswax wraps, leading her to create Coastal Hive.

As a camp wife, mother of 3 children and a geriatric nurse, Kara is no stranger to the struggles of balancing work, love, life and play.  Always looking to do more, look ahead to the future and create positive change, Kara constantly seeks way to make this happen.

Bev: Head Seamstress

is the mother of six grown children, stepmom to four and Nana to six more.  She has always had a penchant for creativity, regardless of the medium.   All manner of craft, up-cycling, writing, reading, music, teaching, and woodworking are just a few of her passions. 

At the age of four, at her grandmother’s knee, she learned to sew {amongst many, many other skills) and was shown how to carve paths to channel that creativity.  Bev also learned from her grandmother that: waste was unacceptable, quality is the only acceptable end product, and that just because a thing has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it is right, or the only way. 

Working with Kara in this endeavor to foster a cleaner, healthier, less wasteful world, is the perfect platform to apply all those standards instilled as a way of life, so many years ago. 

Effie: Production Manager

She spends her days (and nights) helping people. as a Clinical Nurse Coordinator she is familiar with managing people, tasks and paperwork. Her ability to organize and prioritize brings production to the next level for Coastal Hive.
When she is not working she spends her time with her dogs or volunteering. Her work at Coastal Hive gives her an outlet to be productive on her own time and agenda. She describes cutting and waxing fabric as “calming” and “therapeutic”.